Professional Debt collection

Don`t write off bad debt without trying to use friendly debt collection services. 100% no-cure-no-pay.

Known from

"I highly recommend Likvido to any small business. I have valued the ease of working with my bookkeeper and being organized when it comes to my business finances."

CEO, Trainual

"Likvido has lifted a giant weight off my shoulders and freed up my time so I can focus on earning the money and working with clients."

Owner, The Villages Gym

"Bench is so, so, SO much better than everything I ever did for bookkeeping. My accountants also breathe a sigh of relief when I email them a Bench spreadsheet in advance of tax prep meetings."

Owner, Kalzumeus Software

No-cure-no-pay debt collection services

Likvido integrates seamlessly with your bank and preferred accounting software to create one easy-to-use, on-the-go platform for your business’s finances.

Recover more revenue

Dont write of bad debt. Recover more revenue withour professional debt collection services.

Easy and integrated

Our debt collection services are integrated with your accounting system. Start cases with a single click.

Risk free

We only get paid if we recover your debt. No subscription. No hidden fees. We only get a 10% success fee.

How it works

step 1

Easily add invoices
to professional debt collection

Likvido fully integrates with your accounting system, and lets you send invoices to debt collection with a few clicks. You can also automate the process based on custom triggers.

Import cases from your accounting system

Create cases manually

Get started
step 2

Professional debt collection services

We are an authorized debt collection agency, that offers pre-legal and legal debt collection services. Our services are 100% no-cure-no-pay. You only pay a 10% success fee if we successfully recover your debts.

100% no-cure-no-pay

Autorised debt collection agency

Pre-legal and legal collections

step 3

Stay in full controle

You can easily keep track of all your collection cases via our convenient online platform.

Stay updated on the collection process 24/7

Real-time dashboards

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step 4

Protect your customer relationships

Customer relationships are the cornerstone of your business, but you need to ensure that you’re getting paid.

We aim to secure payment in an agreeable manner, without putting a strain on your relationships with customers

Provide your customers with flexible self-service options

Retain the business relationships with your customers

step 5

Synced with your accounting leadger

Likvido integrates with your existing accounting system and everything is automatically syncronised.

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Accounts receivables made easy Automatisk debitorstyring from $28 219 kr. per month

Spend more time smiling and less time stressing over paperwork.