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A new and better way to manage
debtors and avoid late payments

Likvido is designed with your customers at focus. We make it easier to receive payments, ensure great customer relations and minimizes debtor losses. Everything through a simple modern system.

Integrate Likvido with your accounting software,
and get one system to manage accounts receivables

Let Likvido manage your accounts receivables, so you can focus on your core business.
With everything from automatic invoicing, credit rating and free debt collection,
Likvido is your professional partner

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See how Likvido works

1: Credit check

Avoid poor payers by making a credit check

We have collected all financial numbers on Danish companies, including history of the owners, management and created a credit analysis. Check future customers before you sell on credit to avoid poor payers.

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2: Invoicing service

Receive fast payment and automatic accounting.

Credit card

Integrate Likvido with your accounting programme, and let us send out the invoice. We make it easy for your customers to pay, check payments daily and reconcile everything back into your system. You will save time and receive your payments faster.

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3: Customer platform

Save time with a customer platform

Avoid having to manually send account statements and old invoices. Give your customers access to their own online platform, where they can see their balance and historical invoices.

4: Automatic reminders

Faster payments and better liquidity

Automatically send friendly reminders and dunning letters. We will ensure you maintain good customer relations, but also that you get paid on time. Will be sent via e-mail, SMS and even physical letter.

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5: Debt collection

Extrajudicial and legal debt collection

If a customer has not made his payment after receiving several reminders, you can transfer the case to our effective no-cure-no-pay debt collection process. We have partners in +180 countries to solve every debt collection case.

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The ultimate overview

You can always log into your online dashboard and check your accounts receivables' statuses. See general statistics and specific details on every case. If you prefer Microsoft Excel, you can always export our reports to your Personal Computer.

Integrate Likvido with only a few clicks

You get the most out of Likvido by integrating it to the programme in which you create your invoices.
We have several standard integrations and a modern REST API for your use.

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Administrator module

Give your accountant access to Likvido

Likvido has a module made for partners and accountants.

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