Focus on what matters

Likvido makes it easy to invoice customers, pay bills and manage your finances so you can do more of what you love.

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Pay on the Go

Pay on the go

Fully automated with no manual data entry. Make payments with just one click wherever you are.

Stay in control

Get paid faster

Digital invoices, automatic reminders, and flexible payment methods save you lots of time.

Get paid faster

Stay in control

Real-time analytics give you a clear overview of your cash flow so you can always make the right decisions.

More Freedom

Declutter your mind and go with the flow. Automated accounting means less paperwork and more time to make your business great.

Likvido – More Freedom

Focus on making your career take off

“Not worrying about my finances has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Now my creativity is flowing and I can  concentrate on achieving my career goals.”

Abi Wallace
Digital Marketeer

Do 80% less admin

Save time, money and energy.

Improve cash flow

Optimise your accounts with automation.

Stay mobile

Control everything from your device.

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Likvido – More Clarity

Look ahead with your finances under control

“After using Likvido, everything finance-wise became a lot easier to digest. Now I can take the time to really plan ahead and evolve the business.”

Alan Bradshaw
Car Mechanic

Stay in sync

Connect to your bank and accounting software.

Track performance

Analyse company data in real-time.

Easily organise

Analyse company data in real-time.

More clarity

Work faster and plan better. A clear overview of exactly what’s coming in and going out means it’s easy to make your next move.

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More control

See the full picture and customize your workflows. Consolidate transactions, reconciliation, and reporting together in one platform.

Likvido – More Control

Feel the buzz of finding balance

“Before Likvido, I got a little bogged down with all the tedious bookkeeping jobs that had to be entered into a spreadsheet. Now they’re fully automated, I have more time to do what I love.”

Sophie Turner

Streamline approvals

Manage who can approve bill payments.

Create bespoke workflows

Set up systems to best suit your team.

Be audit-ready

Payment-related activity is logged for easy reference.

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What makes Likvido different?

Likvido integrates seamlessly with your bank and preferred accounting software to create one easy-to-use, on-the-go platform for your business’s finances.

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Accounting software

Outsourced bookkeeper

Simple onboarding

With zero learning curve, you’ll be up and running in no time.

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Easy and effortless

Automate tasks you usually
complete manually.

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Real-time analytics

Ingoing & outgoing payments are shown in real-time.

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Integrated payments

Pay bills directly on your phone

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Flexibility and control

Manage permissions and improve your existing workflows.

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Financial admin made easy from £75 per month.

Spend more time smiling and less time stressing over paperwork.