Amalie Schiller
Amalie Schiller
Mar 22
Heymedia: Online Marketing Agency - ‘’After we chose Likvido we have saved a lot of time and got the money into our account much faster’’

Heymedia: Online Marketing Agency - ‘’After we chose Likvido we have saved a lot of time and got the money into our account much faster’’

Heymedia is a classic digital marketing bureau based in Aarhus and has existed for about two and a half years. Daily, the dedicated team behind Heymedia helps several small start-ups and bigger companies with everything within online marketing, including SEO, Google Ads, and link building.

Heymedia’s CFO, Mathias, is constantly working on optimizing the classic accounting system and bookkeeping with digital solutions. Until December 2020, Heymedia had a student assistant who manually sent reminders to Heymedia’s debtors. This process was managed in a classic excel sheet. Not only was this task incredibly time-consuming, sending payment reminders to customers, who had yet to pay their invoices, was de-emphasized at times.

‘’When you are in a growing company, you need the money in time. So of course, it was a problem that we didn’t get the money in time.’’ - Mathias

From Manuel Debtor Management System to Automation

Back in December 2020, Mathias decided to switch the manual debtor management system with Likvido. There wasn’t far from thought to action given how Heymedia’s sister company, Heymate, has had its debtor management system on autopilot with Likvido since 2018. At Heymate, Mathias experienced how big of a return the company gain in terms of time, money, and resources. Therefore, he wasn’t in doubt that Heymedia would benefit from this as well.

‘’It has lessened a huge burden after we chose Likvido instead of sending reminders to customers manually and keeping track of when you last sent an email and what the customers had answered. Just the fact that we have automated all of it in one flow so that it runs automatically. It is clear that we have saved time and gotten the payments into our account much faster. Now that we are reminding our debtors in time, it’s clear that they have gotten better at paying back as well.’’ - Mathias

The Only Solution That Can Send Reminders in English

Heymedia has another company titled Heymedia Partners, in which Mathias is the CFO as well. Here, the company has a large number of international customers and consequently, Heymedia Partners needed a digital solution that could automatically send reminders in English. Quickly, Mathias found out that Likvido was the only solution in economic that could do this. Given how difficult it has been to keep track of the approximately 250 customers around the world prior to using Likvido, Mathias has also noticed the positive effect this decision has had on the company’s cash flow.

‘’In general, we have benefited greatly from using Likvido at Heymedia Partners where many of our customers are foreign companies. It’s not that the customers do not pay. They are just bad at paying their bills because that is how their culture is. They pay when they want to. So, in addition to that, we receive the money must faster after they get these reminders and maybe also due to the fact that the reminders are sent through a system like Likvido.’’ - Mathias