Lars Holdgaard
Lars Holdgaard
Creating invoices in Likvido: one single platform to handle your business’ finances

Creating invoices in Likvido: one single platform to handle your business’ finances

It can feel tiring to log on to several different platforms for keeping an overview of your company’s finances and performing daily accounting tasks. 

In an attempt to simplify your workflow, we developed a new invoice builder that will allow you to handle your daily bookkeeping directly in Likvido. And we’re excited to introduce you to the first version of this feature!

How does it work?

The new invoice builder lets you create your invoices directly in Likvido. 

Whether you use Likvido with an accounting integration to e-conomic, Xero, or without an integration, you can now create your new invoices directly on the platform, without having to go back to your accounting system.

Likvido's new invoice builder

In the invoice builder, you’ll be able to: 

  • See/edit your details
  • Select a recipient and create a new customer
  • Choose an Invoice date and Due date
  • Add invoice lines, discounts and VAT rates
  • Add an internal note on the invoice

Once your invoice is saved and sent, you can then stay in Likvido to check the status of your other invoices and perform your other bookkeeping tasks.  

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We keep your accounting system updated

If you’re using Likvido with an integration to e-conomic or Xero, the invoices you create in Likvido will be automatically posted to your accounting system. Both sides are updated, and you don’t have to worry about manually checking on them. 

Whenever you create a new customer in Likvido, they will also be automatically posted to your customers’ list in e-conomic or Xero. 

Finally, you can now credit an invoice directly in Likvido. When you do that, we will close the corresponding invoice, send out a communication to your customer, and post the credit note to your accounting system. 

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The next upcoming features

We are already working on developing the next features that will make creating invoices in Likvido even easier for you. These are the upcoming ones: 

  • Building an integration so we’re able to post back to Dinero and Billy
  • Adding the products you create in Likvido to your list of products in your accounting system
  • Adding attachments to the invoices you send out from the invoice builder
  • Being able to send your invoices to multiple recipients
  • Allowing to design your own layout for the invoice’s PDF
  • Supporting an export functionality for the invoices and customers you create in Likvido

Is there something else that you are missing? We are always happy to hear from you and shape this new invoice builder to fit your needs.