Maximillian Frimmer
Maximillian Frimmer
“With Likvido we have a monthly saving of around 590 GBP.” 

Thomas from Citytox - “With Likvido we have a monthly saving of around 590 GBP, which I had previously spend on hours for bookkeeping” 

Citytox is a small Danish authorised company that has existed for a little over 5 years in the pest control industry. On a daily basis, Citytox helps both individuals and businesses to eradicate many different kinds of pests right from smaller insects to larger rodents. It is a very seasonal business and during summer where ants and wasps truly take over many Danish homes, Citytox has up to 50 different customers a day. 

Thomas, the director and owner of Citytox, handles all the administrative tasks while he has to review customers’ homes, make offers and eradicate pests at the same time. So in a busy workday on the go, Thomas has to keep track of his many customers and their invoices. As the company grew and the demand for Citytox’s services increased, Thomas found it difficult to find the time and energy for all the heavy administrative workload in bookkeeping.   

"I never got it done. There was no time for it, so I always postponed it to the very last minute. So every three months when I had to do accounting, hundreds of accounting records had piled up, and I had to find my way through that jungle. ” 

With automation, Citytox saves time and money 

Ultimately, the administrative workload had become too heavy for Thomas so he considered hiring an external accountant, but instead he found a solution in implementing Likvido. Now Thomas has regained the full overview of his many accounts receivables while his time and energy is not bound to bookkeeping. With Likvido, Thomas estimates that he has a monthly saving of 5000 DKK/590 GBP which he previously spent on administrative tasks in bookkeeping. With the full overview regained, Thomas does not have to create long customer lists once accounts have to be kept every three months. 

“I don’t have to make long accounts receivable lists for the accountant anymore. It was not something I was looking forward to. I don’t have to do that now. It's just a matter of pulling some lists from Likvido, and then it's done. ”

Customers are paying faster than before 

In addition to saving time and money on manual bookkeeping, Thomas says that his customers pay at a faster rate when the reminder procedure is put into an automatic flow. 

“Customers pay faster. That's really nice. It just runs smoothly when it's automatic. I don’t even have to reach out and spend a lot of time and energy reminding customers of paying their bills. It has made my life a lot easier. Absolutely brilliant! ”