Maximillian Frimmer
Maximillian Frimmer
Andreas from Keepers - “We spend fewer hours on more clients. That’s the whole point” 

Andreas from Keepers - “We spend fewer hours on more clients. That’s the whole point” 

Keepers is an accounting and consulting company that offers outsourcing of parts of or the entire bookkeeping to its many clients. They were among the qualified candidates in the growth creation competition, EY entrepreneur of the year 2020, which pays tribute to the most talented entrepreneurs in Denmark. In 2020, they were named a Gazelle business by the Danish stock exchange (a term used for fast-growing companies that have doubled their turnover during four years). 

Keepers was founded in 2014 by CEO Andreas Østergaard Borris who had the vision to automate the significant aspects of bookkeeping. Since then, Keepers has been a frontrunner within accounting technological solutions. Their goal is to free up time and administrative workload associated with manual bookkeeping, so that personnel can focus on growing their business instead, and thereby create more value for their businesses. 

In recent years, Keepers has grown immensely due to the increasing demand for digital solutions in accounting. As the number of clients increased, the administrative workload at Keepers also intensified. From the beginning, the focus lay on their clients’ processes, but now the time had come to look inward and optimize their own processes. Especially, sending out- and following up on invoices to their many clients were costly processes and took up a lot of the employees’ time. 

“It is cumbersome and costly with all the invoices that are forgotten and not sent out automatically every month.”

Therefore, Keepers needed a solution to handle their continued growth in the number of clients without having to compromise with their high-quality customer service. 

With Likvido, Keepers doesn’t have to compromise its quality service 

With Likvido, Andreas and his team saw an opportunity to do just that. 

“We spend fewer hours on more clients. That’s the whole point. We have saved a lot on administrative tasks and had more time to be controllers. In turn, this means that our service is of better quality. That’s why we are very happy to use Likvido

With Likvido, Keepers has reduced the amount of time-consuming manual work and can now use their efforts to optimize and ensure the high-quality of their work and, in the long run, increase their growth rate even further. 

“We do not have personnel tied to bookkeeping or other manual tasks. People are reasonably free. We have had more time to deliver our other services. 

In this way, Likvido has become a tool that helps keepers manage the rapid scaling of their business while simultaneously ensuring high-quality service. After experiencing the high value and effect of using Likvido, Keepers recommends it to their many clients as a part of their perfect package of accounting technological solutions.