Karoline Sofie Lee
Karoline Sofie Lee
Receipts and old-school accounting in the bin

Receipts and old-school accounting in the bin

A digital accounting solution had been on Nina Assam’s mind for a while. Her friends were using Xero as their accounting software, and it seemed like it made the accounting process run more smoothly.

“I did approach my accountant about using Xero, but he didn’t know how to use it. So, I continued to provide him with all the paperwork in big ring binders.”

Business versus bookkeeping

Nina is an experienced commercial photographer and the founder and director of Nina Assam Studio Ltd. Her company is based in South West London and helps organisations with images and videos representing their brand and products.

When she started her company in November 2010, she initially handled the bookkeeping and some of the accounting herself.

“I did my own bookkeeping for 5-6 years. As the business grew, it made sense to pay someone to do it.”

Her accountant was “like a family accountant”, whom she had known for many years. He was the old-school type. Not too keen on new technology. But he was always there to help her.

Even though the manual accounting process took away time that she would have rather spent working with her clients, she appreciated the familiar and interpersonal relationship with her accountant.

The perfect match

After around 6 years of collaboration, Nina had to find another solution. In the spring of 2022, her accountant retired. Nina looked at various local accounting firms but was still curious about digital accounting solutions. Searching the web, she found Likvido. A full-service accounting solution with a fixed monthly fee.

“The pull towards Likvido is the way you package it. It is just very easy to understand and with no hidden extras. When you speak to other accounting firms, they overcomplicate the price structure.”

A good friend of Nina’s is an accountant. Nina told her about Likvido and asked for her opinion. Her friend had heard about a few other digital accounting houses, but they were suited for much larger organisations. She advised Nina to use Likvido as she saw it would be perfect for her business.

Personal service and smooth digitalisation

Since April 2022 year, Nina has been using Likvido.The only concern she had going from a local and familiar accountant to a remote and digital accounting company was that her former accountant was always there if she needed his help. But the worries disappeared with the first video call with Likvido.

“Likvido has been fantastic. I had a lot of questions in the transition phase. They are just always there to assist me. And it’s no problem using online calls.”

The accounting and bookkeeping in Ninas’ company weren’t digital beforehand. She had to get to know the Likvido platform, and it took a bit of time to learn how to use it. But she is very excited about the advantages of a digital solution.

“I just take a photo of my receipts. That’s just brilliant. I actually had to call my accountant in Likvido and ask him if I really didn’t have to keep the paper receipts, but could throw them in the bin.”

Getting her time back

With Likvido, handling her finances has become easier. The automated features save her a lot of time preparing and issuing invoices, paying bills, getting the books ready.

“It’s so much easier now. And with the automatic reminders, I don’t have to spend time following up on unpaid invoices and chasing clients.”

Nina is happy that she finally transitioned to a digital accounting solution. She has now more time to focus on her business and her customers.

“In the end, it was just a no-brainer for me to choose Likvido. As a small business owner, Likvido has given me a lot of my time back.”

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