Amalie Schiller
Amalie Schiller
‘‘If the accountants adjust too late, companies will find other people who can do the work for them’’

Hr. Regnskabsfører Andersen – ‘‘If the accountants adjust too late, companies will find other people who can do the work for them’’

With a vision to help small and medium-sized companies digitize accounting, Lasse manages an accounting firm titled Hr. Regnskabsfører Andersen. A vision based on experiences and insights.

Approximately ten years ago, Lasse started as an accounting student. Here, his long working days consisted entirely of entering data manually. Quickly, Lasse found the manual tasks personally bull and costly for clients who hung on to the bills. Due to these issues, Lasse saw an opportunity in automatic bookkeeping and founded Hr. Regnskabsfører Andersen.

A Strategi That Creates Results

At Hr. Regnskabsfører Andersen, Lasse’s work strategy is a bit atypical for some accountants. Instead of pricing his work based on hours, the price reflects the individual client’s consequential financial gain. As machine learning improves, Lasse believes that bookkeepers who do not adjust in time will find it difficult to survive in this business.

''Five years ago, I read an article about which industries will disappear within ten years due to digitalization. According to this article, bookkeeping was in the top three. I can clearly see the way it goes, just within the last three years. Companies are starting to require skilled accountants who work as an advisor. They are starting to need a controller. And if the simple accountant adjusts too late, then companies have already got someone else to do the work for them."

Hr. Regnskabsfører Andersen especially emphasizes financial advice while they automate the manual work tasks through digital software programs.

"I focus a lot on the value and the challenges that companies have. In addition to that, my work is based on how I as a financial advisor can solve their needs and how the software program can, too."

Better Finances and Liquidity with Likvido

One of the automatic solutions Lasse has introduced several of his clients to, is Likvido. As a result, his client’s debtors have paid their bills faster - without either Lasse or his clients spending hours sending reminders and following up on the debtors who still had yet to pay.

"Thanks to Likvido, the clients of mine do not worry about their debtors anymore. The money just comes in. They do not have to spend energy and resources on collecting the payments, and they get a weekly overview of the outstanding balance. As a bonus, the money comes in faster because reminders are sent well in advance every time."