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Get more out of Likvido.
Integrate with your
accounting software

Use one of our many standard integrations or make your own with our REST API

Integrate Likvido with only a few clicks

You get the most out of Likvido by integrating it to the programme in which you create your invoices.
We have several standard integrations and a modern REST API for your use.

Integrate via our REST API

Likvido is built by developers for developers.
It is fast and easy to setup custom integrations with our modern API.

Read our API documentation →
  • curl -X "POST" "https://www.likvido.dk/api/v1/invoices"
  • -H "Authorization: Token token=YOUR-API-TOKEN"
  • -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data"
  • -F "customer[name]=New Company Inc"
  • -F "contact[name]=John Smith"
  • -F "[email protected]"
  • -F "[email protected]"