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Automatic reminders
and dunning letters

You will never have to worry about customers who are not paying on time. Avoid checking your bank and send manual reminders and dunning letters. Likvido makes sure that you will save time and receive payments faster

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How it works:


When an invoice is overdue, we automatically send a friendly reminder by e-mail or SMS

Dunning 1

If your invoice remains unpaid, we will send an official dunning 1 by e-mail, SMS, or letter (depending on your settings)

Extra reminder:

Between reminder 1 and 2 we send another friendly notice.

Dunning 2:

11 Days after dunning 1, we will send dunning 2 with a debt collection warning.

Automate your dunning procedure

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High rate of debt recovery

We are among the country’s most efficient debt collecting companies.

Fast disbursement

If we receive the deposit today, you will receive your deposit the next day.

No subscription

No yearly subscription fees.

Save time and gain an overview

Get started in under 2 minutes, and track all cases online through your dashboard.

Synchronize your accounting
software with Likvido

It takes less than 2 minutes to synchronize Likvido with your accounting software, and then you are ready to automate your accounts receivables.

  • Setup in less than 2 minutes
  • Integrate with Dinero, Billy, and e-conomic
  • REST API for other integrations
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Send by e-mail, SMS, or letter

We will send friendly reminders and dunning letters by e-mail, SMS or letter depending on your settings if a payment is missing.

  • Send by e-mail, SMS, or letter
  • Payment by credit card or bank transfer
  • Automatic registration of deposits
  • Proactive reminders before an invoice is overdue
  • Fast follow-up with late payments

Receive payments faster with online payment

Let your customers pay by credit card or bank transfer. Simple and easy

  • Receive payments faster
  • Payment by credit card or bank transfer
  • Save time - Likvido will register deposits for you
Credit card

Let us take control of your accounts receivables

By using our invoicing service, reminder service and debt collection service all together, you will let us automate
your entire accounts receivables process. We will send out the invoice, follow-up, and reconcile with your accounting software.

Invoice service

Avoid manually checking your bank and posting deposits. Automate your accounts receiveables.

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Reminder service

Save time and receive payments faster by automatically sending out friendly reminders and dunning letters by e-mail or SMS.

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Free debt collection

We have debt collection partners in +180 countries. No cure no pay.

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