Pursuant to Article 28 of the GDPR, Likvido has drawn up this data processing agreement for services covered by Likvido's general trading conditions, where Likvido acts as data processor. 

As a Client, please find information referring to the background for this agreement in our general terms. 

The data processor agreement itself has been prepared on the basis of the Danish Data Protection Agency's standard contract provisions. This means that the Danish Data Protection Agency has taken a position on what is mandatory and sensible to agree when a data controller (Likvido's Clients) and a data processor (Likvido) enter into cooperation.

We strive to have a data processing agreement with all our Clients for our services. The data processing agreement is based on the Danish Data Protection Agency's standard and contains only a few adjustments, which are an expression of a balanced and reasonable approach to the specific circumstances.

You can receive a data processing agreement via the link here.

If you want to read the agreement, it can be downloaded here.

Any questions can be directed to Edwin Holst, Vice President, en@likvido.dk.